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Is there any licence to manufacture, sale or repair weights and measures ?
Yes, the Department issues licence to the manufacturer, dealer and repairer of weights &measures for dealing in weighing & measuring instruments, the licence is a must.
Is the licence issued under Legal Metrology Act transferable?
No, Alicence issued or renewed under this Act is not saleable or otherwise transferable.
What is the penalty if short weight cylinders are sold?
For short delivery of Gas Cylinders the fine can be imposed which may extend to Rs.10,000/-.
Do consumer products are required to be certified under MTCTE?
Consumer products such as TV, Refrigerator etc. primary function of which is not telecom but having telecom interfaces such as Bluetooth, WiFi etc. are not covered under MTCTE for the time being.
What is the validity of ETA certificate?
The validity of the Equipment Type Approval (ETA) license remains valid as long as the product model continues being manufactured without any alteration and modification. In such a case, no renewal is required.
Can a foreign manufacturer obtain the WPC ETA certification?
Yes, the foreign manufacturer can obtain the WPC certification.
What is the procedure for obtaining BIS licence for use of BIS Standard Mark?
There are two options available for obtaining BIS product certification licence under Scheme – I. For details, please see Guidelines for grant of licence.
What are the penal provisions for use of ISI mark without a valid licence?
Penal provisions for the use of ISI mark without a valid license are as laid down in sub-section (3) of section 29 of BIS Act, 2016.

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