BIS Certification Process


The abbreviation BIS stands for Bureau of Indian Standards, an Indian National Standard Body established in accordance with the BIS Act of 2016. In India, the BIS awards BIS Certification to give customers a third-party assurance of the dependability, quality, and safety of their purchases. By supplying secure and trustworthy items of high quality, lowering consumer health risks, encouraging import and export alternatives, reducing variety proliferation, etc., BIS is bringing traceable and noticeable advantages to the national economy.

How to get BIS Certified?

The Bureau of Indian Standards Certification is granted by BIS office after successful safety testing of the product as per notified Indian Standard and furnishing of necessary documents.

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Important Information about BIS

Objectives of BIS

  • Standardizing, implementing, and certifying the quality of products.
  • To align the development of production and export with these criteria.
  • To establish and accept national standards for the manufacture of commodities.

The Benefits of BIS Registration

  • Guarantees safe, trustworthy, reliable, and high-quality consumer goods.
  • Minimizes risks to the consumers' safety or health.
  • Encourages the export and import of products.
  • With significant evidence of the product's quality
  • Enabling the use of customized quality management.

BIS Registration Process in India

The procedure of BIS Registration is divided in 7 Stages

Stage 1 : Become a member of the BIS Portal and acquire login information.

Stage 2 : Choose a testing facility and create a test request.

Stage 3 : The chosen Lab must get sample products from the applicant (manufacturer).

Stage 4 : After the product has been tested, the applicant is notified by the lab and given the Test Report Number.

Stage 5 : Select Test when logging in with existing credentials. Request a reference for the test report upload.

Stage 6 : Along with submitting the required paperwork and other information, the applicant is also required to pay the application fee online.

Stage 7 : Send an affidavit by mail to BIS.

Required Documents for BIS Registration

Legal Address, Factory Proof (Manufacturing License Copy)First, the applicant (manufacturer) needs to provide samples along with the Technical Details of the Product for testing in the Lab. The information provided should be all about manufacturing / fundamental details of the product like PCB Layout, Schematic Diagram, User Manual and Critical Component List (CCL) (CCL Format: View or Download).

Second, the applicant (manufacturer) needs to provide the documents and information related to the manufacturing factory unit to process the BIS certification application form. The details provided should be all about general information about the manufacturing factory unit like registered address proof, factory’s manufacturing license’s copy, trade mark registration certificate copy (if any), IS 9001 certificate copy (in case, if the certificate is not yet taken, then management chart of factory (such as top management and quality assessment team), machinery and equipment(s) list, and in case of foreign manufacturer, documents of authorized Indian Representative (AIR) must be submitted.

BIS Registration Cost and Timeline for Electronics and IT Products

Standard Costing -

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Standard Timeline -

For new model product: 15-20 working days – provided all the required documents and information are provided on time by the applicant (manufacturer).

For products model that are already available in the Indian market it takes 10-15 working days – provided all the required documents and information are provided on time by the applicant (manufacturer).

BIS Registration Cost and Timeline for PV Modules (CRS)

PV Modules Certification Timeline

For PV Modules Categories

50 to 60 days

For Inverters Categories

25 to 50 months

For Storage Battery Category

25 to 50 days

It can take even more less time, provided all the required documents and information are provided on time by the applicant (manufacturer).

PV Modules Certification Cost

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BIS Registration Products Series Guidelines

Maximum of 10 comparable models (series prototypes) of a single brand may be handled collectively in a single BIS registration application, provided that each prototype adheres to the series' specifications. Only Set Top Boxes are permitted to have up to 10 different series models from various brands under a single BIS Certification application. Additionally, 230 series models 1+19 are possible for batteries and cells. Click here to View or Downloadthe series guidelines.

BIS Registration Guidelines for Importers and Traders

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) does not give BIS Certification in the names of Importers or Traders; rather, BIS Certification is only granted to manufacturing factory units (the manufacturing application).

However, they (the Trader or Importer) may apply for the BIS certification of their intended product only on behalf of their concerned manufacturing unit before placing their order for the electronic products falling under the BIS Compulsory Certification Scheme, even though BIS Certification is not granted to Traders and Importers. With the license, they (the trader or importer) can serve as an Indian representative for a foreign production unit (factory).

The trader or importer may also ask the manufacturer of his production facility to obtain a BIS Certification license.

Products on the BIS List Are Exempt from BIS Registration

If a person imports or manufactures a product that is on the BIS Compulsory Registration Scheme list and that product satisfies at least one of the following requirements: (1) Equipment that is powered by a three-phase power source, (2) Equipment that is powered by a single-phase power source with a current rating greater than 16 Amps, (3) Equipment that is larger than 1.5 m x 0.8 m, (4) Equipment that is heavier than 80 kg. Additionally, he or she imports or produces fewer than 100 units annually.

The BIS Certification will not be applicable to their goods under the aforementioned circumstances. For instance, if he or she imports less than 100 units of a 65" LED TV with dimensions greater than 1.5 m by 0.8 m each year, in such.

Types of Licenses: Business Licenses Accepted for BIS Registration

The Bureau of Indian Standards will not accept a business license if it does not include manufacturing or production as part of its business scope (BIS). Only the specific sort of business license is required by BIS as a requirement for obtaining a BIS Certification License; the same are listed below:

» A government agency should grant business licenses.

» The entity's business scope must include the word "manufacturing" or "production.

» If the business license or the business scope is written in a language other than English, a translation into English must be supplied while maintaining the same structure and must be presented with a copy of the original license.

» The applicant must sign and seal both the original and the English copy. If the business's license or scope of operations does not include the words "manufacturing" or "production," any government-issued certificate that does, such as an ISO certificate or a tax certificate View / Download

BIS Label Marking Guidelines

According to Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) regulations, every product must have a "Marking Label" that is easily readable. The marking label should be printed on the item in a way that it cannot be readily peeled off, washed off, or damaged by normal use. The product must have a stamp or print a marking label. Another effective "Marking Label" method is a metal plate with the information listed below etched on it.

»The following details must be on the product's marking label:

» Brand Name

» Name of Product (Category)

» Model Number

» Power Rating (Input / Output)

» Name of Manufacturer

» Made in Country Name (Such as Made In India, Made in USA etc.)

Note: Additional details on the marking label are optional and may be included depending on the demands of the particular product.

Here are some marking label examples for your consideration (the brand name in the sample is "ONT"): Learn More

About Applying the BIS Logo on a Product

Once a Manufacturer receives the BIS Certification Number for a specific product, they are required to place the BIS Logo on all products and packaging (prototype). The complete instructions for applying the BIS logo to products are provided here. For more information, click here. Learn More

BIS Logo Fixing to Products and Packaging

Every product that has been registered with the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) must have the BIS Logo permanently affixed to its packaging after receiving a unique BIS Registration Number. The logo ought to be both unwashable and indestructible. The BIS log should be attached to products or packaging by stamping or printing. The logo ought to be easily recognizable.

Additionally, it is always thought to be preferable to fix the logo to the marking label or close by. The BIS emblem and BIS number must be attached to any product before it can be sold, exported, or imported into India.

BIS Logo must contain the following information:

» IS Standard Number

» Icon (BIS)

» Registration Number

» BIS website address (

Please click here to view or download the BIS Office's definition of the Logo guideline. Below are some examples of the same for your reference: see more by clicking here View / Download

The samples of the same is given below for your reference: click here to Know More

BIS Sample Testing Return Policy

According to the BIS Sample Testing Return Policy, the applicant (manufacturer) must return the tested sample within four months after the date the product test result was issued, but no later than three months. The lab maintains the right to destroy the tested sample if the applicant does not return it, at which point no further claims will be considered. Furthermore, the sample may sustain partial or complete damage during testing, for which neither the lab nor Multifaceted Solvere should be held liable. Learn more Learn More

About BIS Certificate Format Sample

For your information, a sample BIS Certificate copy is provided below; click here to: View

BIS Certificate Validity and Renewal

A BIS Registration Certificate can be renewed after its initial two-year period of validity. The licensee must submit an application to BIS for renewal three months prior to the license expiration date. The application form is available on the BIS website. To get a renewal, certain paperwork and costs will be needed. Testing of the sample is not necessary in cases of renewal. Visit Her Learn More

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